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How to show that your governing board knows and understands its roles and responsibilities
How to show that your governing board knows and understands its roles and responsibilities

Using GovernorHub to demonstrate that everyone on the board understands their role

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There are several GovernorHub features which allow you to show that everyone on the board understands the part they play in school improvement.


The constitution page on GovernorHub should be set and kept up-to-date to demonstrate the structure of the board and identify vacancies (useful for succession planning).

Committee Downloads

Here you can show your existing committee structure and how it is appropriate to the scale and complexity of your organisation.

Duties of holding an important public office

Boards can demonstrate transparency and openness by ensuring members confirm their declarations of interest and that they've read and understood Keeping Children Safe in Education on their personal profile pages on GovernorHub. This information is then readily available in download form.

The Code of Conduct board confirmation feature on GovernorHub can demonstrate that governors have signed up to a set of high expectations for conduct and behaviour on the board

Roles and responsibilities

Members should be assigned roles (responsibilities) and committee memberships on GovernorHub and we recommend 'role description' documents are also kept in the board's documents area so governors understand what is required of them.

We also recommend a link to the Terms of Reference for each committee is added to the committee folder to make sure governors understand the purpose of each smaller working group within the wider organisation.

Skills audit

This document should be put in the Governor Evidence folder to demonstrate that the board undertakes regular self-review and aims to get the right people around the table. It also shows that members recognise their strengths and areas for development.

(What's the Governor Evidence folder? We recommend a certain way to organise your files and folders on GovernorHub. Our help article explains more)


The GovernorHub Healthcheck is a self-review tool which gives your board an opportunity to discuss and review its effectiveness against key elements from the latest Ofsted framework. It's more evidence that the board is reflecting on its role in improving outcomes for children and young people.


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