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How to show that your board is ‘up-to-date’ and ‘in-the-know'
How to show that your board is ‘up-to-date’ and ‘in-the-know'

Using GovernorHub to show that your board is aware of wider education issues and working well as a team

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GovernorHub can provide everything your board members need-to-know in one, handy place.

News Page

You 'arrive' on the News Page when you first log into GovernorHub and it keeps governors up-to-date with important education news from a variety of sources - these can include updates from a local governor services team or a MAT central team. The GovernorHub blog and twitter feed on the page also keeps governors aware of key issues and updates in school governance.

Community Insights

Inspectors will want to know that you not only 'know your school' but also that you understand its local community. Our free tool, Community Insights, allows you to demonstrate that you understand the make-up of the area your school serves.

The Noticeboard

Here you can demonstrate positive working relationships and show that the board is working well as a team. A clerk or governance professional can share minutes of all committee meetings so all board members know what's happening, regardless of their role or the board structure. Members are able to choose how frequently to be notified for each different committee in order to stay on top of their roles and responsibilities.

Governors can use the noticeboard share their learnings from courses and briefings - clerks can pass on information from their sources too. It can also be used to evidence conversations and discussions which happen in between meetings on particular topics or for instant feedback if a particular issue arises.

A commitment to keeping up-to-date with school news can be evidenced by linking to the school twitter feed and website, which will then appear on this page too.

Training Record Download

The board-wide training report shows that your governors have the knowledge they need to succeed because they're attending regular, relevant training sessions.


Your board's documents section on GovernorHub allows you to demonstrate that governors can quickly and easily find the relevant information to keep on track of their roles and responsibilities. Our help article explains more about our recommended way of organising files.

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