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Exporting board data
Exporting board data

How to export board membership, training records, declarations of interest, training, meeting attendance, committee lists and review dates.

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To export some handy reports for your board, under the About tab of your governing board, go to the Downloads section, where detailed reports are available for you.


In the Membership section there are reports for: Membership - both with and without sensitive data, a handy download with what you need for GIAS, Historical members and Membership changes.

If a report contains sensitive data such as personal contact details, it is indicated in blue beneath.

​Note: only admins can any download reports that include sensitive data, as well as the reports for board membership, GIAS format list of board members and board history.

Records and Checks

In Records and Checks, you can download reports for: board-wide training, Declarations of interest, Compliance Checks (summary list of declarations and confirmations) and DBS checks.


In Meetings, you'll find a menu which allows you to download an attendance list for the current academic year, as well as previous academic years.

Committees and Constitution

In Committees and Constitution the reports list all members of each committee, as well as providing a downloadable copy of your constitution.

Documents & History

In the Documents section you can download a list of all the documents that have review dates, as well as a .zip file of all your governing boards documents.

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