Sometimes a Governing Board might require members to confirm an agreement which is specific to the board.

Admins can use these in a variety of ways, such as for Governor Induction (e.g. I confirm I have read the Governor Induction pack).

➡️ How to add custom confirmations

Head to the Confirmations section under the Governing Board tab on GovernorHub.

Select 'Add a new confirmation for the governing board'.

Write a Confirmation Statement to appear as the text for users to click to confirm.
For example, "I agree to abide by the Governing Board's Code of Conduct"

TIP: Keep it short and in the first person. This can't be changed once created.

Then add a description below the statement (this is optional).

For example, "The Code of Conduct sets out expectations on and commitment required from school governors in order for the governing board to properly carry out its work within the school."

If you want to attach a relevant document - click on the link icon. You can then search for the document and, once selected, choose the text to display e.g. "Code of Conduct".

Note: make sure the relevant document(s) have been uploaded to your board's Documents area before you begin.

TIP: The description and any links can be edited at a later date (e.g. if you update your Code of Conduct). It's only the statement that can't.

Once you're happy, click Save!

➡️ Where do board members click to confirm?

Members will find these new Confirmations under the General Confirmations in their profile page, under the Declarations tab. This tab is divided into two tabs - Declarations of Interest and Confirmations. Members can select the Confirmations tab to view the confirmations that have been set up by the admin.

They can then confirm the confirmation here and read any attached documents.

Admins can post a message on the Noticeboard asking members to go to their profile page and complete the confirmation.

➡️ Downloading a report of confirmations

Admins can download a list of Confirmations for all board members in the Downloads section under the About tab on the Governing Board/Trust Board.

➡️ What if I need to update the confirmation statement?

We don't allow the statement to be changed once the confirmation has been saved. This is to make sure that the statement which was confirmed cannot be altered after confirmation.

If you need to change the confirmation statement, you'll need to delete the original statement and create a new one. Then you can ask your board members to confirm the new confirmation.

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