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What's the best way to organise the documents section?
What's the best way to organise the documents section?

Our recommended way of naming and ordering files in the documents section.

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This is how we recommend you name your files and folders to make the documents section easier to navigate.

  1. Have a main folder for the full governing board and one for each committee, plus any other folders that aren't meeting-specific (such as a Policies folder).

Note: files are ordered alphabetically or numerically on GovernorHub.

2. Within each main folder, have a sub-folder for each academic year

3. Within each year folder, have a folder for each meeting named according to the date of the meeting

Organising folders in Date Order

GovernorHub can put your folders in date order (not numerical order). All you have to do is use a specific format when labelling your folders. You need to spell out the month e.g. "08 September 2023"

Alternatively, if you wish to arrange the files for a particular meeting in a certain order, you can always number them e.g. 1. Agenda, 2. Headteacher's report etc

As well as folders for the board and committee meetings, we recommend having a few additional folders.

Working with a Policies folder

A policy folder allows you to keep all of your policies in once place so they're easy to find. Our traffic-light warning system for review dates will show you, at a glance, which policies are nearing renewal.

Find out more about how to add a review date to a policy in our help article.

Evidence folders

A folder for 'evidence' allows you to keep all of your important documents in one place. We recommend creating a School Evidence folder and a Governor Evidence folder.

This will also help governors keep a focus on how they know where the school is in its improvement journey and how they know where the board is in its development.

A School Evidence folder might include:

  • School Development Plan

  • School SEF

  • Ethos and Aims

  • External Reports

  • Headteacher Reports

  • Safeguarding Reports

  • School Newsletters

A Governor Evidence folder might include:

  • Skills Audits/Benchmarking

  • Governor Reports/Visits

  • Governing Board Self-Evaluation

  • External Triangulation

  • Induction Pack

You can then add a link to these documents in any upcoming meeting folder e.g. you might add a link to the School Improvement Plan in your next FGB meeting folder.

  • You can do this by using the three dots document menu and selecting 'copy link to clipboard'.

  • In your meeting folder, select +Add and then Add a web link. You can then paste the link to the other GovernorHub document into the Link Address (see below).

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