The Basics

Everything you need to know to start using GovernorHub.

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GovernorHub Training Sessions

Details on our upcoming training sessions

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GovernorHub Knowledge

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Board diversity

How we are working to map the diversity of school and trust governing boards across England

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Documents on GovernorHub

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For clerks and admins

Everything you need to know if you're a clerk or an admin on GovernorHub.

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Handy reports

Where to find and download some handy reports for your board

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GovernorHub Best Practice

How to make the most out of GovernorHub

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The App

Download our app, to use in meetings

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Multi-Academy Trusts

How to use GovernorHub in a MAT.

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Using the Database

How to use the GovernorHub database site (

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Managing the Service Area

* For MATs and Governor Services only * - how to maintain the service area for your MAT or Governor Service.

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Managing a Clerking Service

Some whizzy features in GovernorHub to help you manage your clerking service, assign clerks to schools and see who is free when.

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Our partners

How integrations with The Key and Modern Governor work on GovernorHub

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Not yet a user? Understand how GovernorHub supports effective governance in trusts

How GovernorHub can support great governance across your MAT

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