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Manage how many emails we send you
Manage how many emails we send you

Choose how many notifications you receive for each of your boards

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Changing your notification settings

You can control the level of your notifications, from the settings on your Profile page.

  • Click on your name in the top corner of the page and select Profile to go to your settings.

  • Select the Settings tab and then Email & Notifications and this will take you to your current email and notification settings.

How to change the settings and receive fewer emails

In the Email & Notifications tab, there are two places you can make changes to the settings.

  1. My Notifications and My Updates

Here you can:

  • Choose whether or not to be notified by email when you post on the noticeboard (Click on 'When will I be notified?' to find out more about what this means)

  • Opt-out of news and updates from your MAT central team or local governor services

  • Opt-out of emails containing news and other updates from us at GovernorHub

You can opt in or out of these by toggling the switch.

2. Board and Group Notification Settings

Here you can choose how many emails you receive for each board or group you're a member of. This might be useful if you wish to switch off all notifications for a particular group or board.
To do this, switch from 'Recommended settings' to 'Custom settings'. This will allow you to move the slider right or left and change the frequency of emails from High to either Medium, Low or All.

Click on 'When will I be notified?' to find out exactly what High, Medium, Low or All means for your email notifications.

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