KCSiE and custom confirmations (for clerks and admins)

How boards can confirm they've read Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) and other confirmations

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As a clerk, you will need to evidence that your boards are reading the latest version of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSiE) on GovernorHub each year.

In GovernorHub, there is a link to the latest version of KCSiE available, and this will be automatically updated whenever a new version comes into effect.

Recording confirmations for KCSiE

Governors and Trustees should head to their Profile page. They can do this by clicking on their name at the top of the screen and choosing 'Profile'. Once on their profile page, they should click on the Compliance tab.

If they are not compliant (haven't confirmed since September this academic year). They will see the screen below. There is a link to the document itself (it will always be the most up-to-date version) - they can use the blue confirm button to show they have read it.

If they confirmed they read and understood last year's version but as yet have not read this year's - they will see an amber warning ...

They can click on the downward arrow, read the document and use the blue reconfirm button to show they have done so.

If they are all up to date they will see the date they last confirmed in green!

Viewing board confirmations

You can view all confirmations for your board in the Compliance tab in a Governing Board area (your board my be called something else e.g. Local Committee or Trust Board but it will always be in the same place).

Chasing governors for completion made easy!

Clicking on any of the confirmations, as above will open a window that shows the status everyone on your board.

To send a reminder to anyone that is not compliant (those with red or amber warnings) Click on Send Reminder and select 'Share'. This will post a message on the board noticeboard and send an email message to all those that are non compliant with a link for them to use to go and complete their confirmations.

Do note, you can choose to remind anyone on your board or you can tick the box at the bottom of the message to only remind those with a live term of office.

The noticeboard post will clearly show who the message has gone to.

Confirming on someone else's behalf

Board admins can record/edit this information on behalf of others.

From the window that shows the status of everyone on your board, just click on the name of the person you want to confirm for .. this will take you to their profile area where you can head to the Compliance tab as directed above. Use the Confirm button as normal but the confirmation will be made in your name (as admin), rather than the governor's.

This will show in your compliance download. The example below shows that whilst Leonie confirmed her own KCSiE, Jane Lowe - the board admin, confirmed that she'd done her declarations.

Custom board confirmations

Should you have set up specific confirmations for your board they too will appear in a person's profile area. Governors and trustees can confirm / reconfirm just as they do with KCSiE.

Downloading evidence of confirmations

Admins can download a list of confirmations for all board members from the board view area where you can monitor compliance and remind those that forget to confirm them.

This can also be found in the Downloads section under the About tab on the Governing Board/Trust Board.

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