To add governors, trustees and other members to your board's GovernorHub page, click on the 'Governing Board' or 'Trust Board' tab (this is normally the 4th tab).

Click on the 'Add Member' button to bring up the 'Add a member' window

Note: only admins will be able to add members - if you don't have admin rights, please ask your admin/clerk instead.

Fill in the person's email address, and hit 'Next'.

If you're adding someone who already has a GovernorHub account, you will be asked to confirm that the email address still belongs to them.

If they're new to GovernorHub, you will be asked to fill in their name and (optionally) their membership details.

When you've input all their details, click on the "Invite to GovernorHub" button.

This sends them an email with a link to set up their account and get signed in.

For members who were added with an existing GovernorHub account, the new board icon will appear on their 'washing line' on the top left-hand side of their screen when they next log in. No need to update passwords.

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