Declarations of Interest (for clerks and admins)

How governors and trustees add declarations of interest and make confirmations on GovernorHub and how you can monitor compliance

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Governors/Trustees can declare interests and make confirmations on their Profile page on GovernorHub (app users will need to move over onto the browser version to do this)

(*Important* The 'Confirmations' or 'Declarations' tabs that you'll find in a Governing Board area are for viewing and administrating only - users must go to their profile page to edit their own)

Once logged in to GovernorHub, they start by clicking on their name at the top-right of the screen

Then they click on the Profile option

This takes them to their personal Profile page, where they need to click on Declarations and Confirmations

Re-confirming previous declarations

In the declarations and confirmations area, users need to click on the arrow to see current status declarations of interest

They reset the confirmation by clicking the blue 'clear'

Then re-confirm by clicking confirm and submit your declarations

Entering a new declaration

Governors/Trustees must click on the arrow to see any current declarations of interest then they can ‘Add Interest’ from the right hand side of the screen

They complete the fields as required and then click on ‘Add’.

If they need to add more than one declaration, they just click ‘Add interest’ (the previous step) again

When all declarations have been added they still need to confirm and submit them so that the date is pulled into reports and the board viewing area

They will be able to see that they have confirmed their interests and when they did so

Nothing to declare?

Even if a governor/trustee has no conflicts of interest, they still need to confirm that they have 'nothing to declare' so boards can evidence compliance

They need to make sure there are no details recorded in the interests section and select ‘I have no interests to declare’ on the left hand side of the screen

This will then show that they have confirmed they have nothing to declare and when they did so

Viewing board declarations

You can view all declarations of interest for your board in a Declarations tab in the Governing Board area

Chasing governors for completion made easy!

At the bottom of the board view page you will find a 'send reminder' button (shown above.

Click on this and select 'Share'. This will post a message on the board noticeboard and send an email message to all those that are non compliant (orange and reds only) containing a link for them to use to go and complete their declarations.

The noticeboard post will clearly show who the message has gone to.

Downloading Declarations

To download declarations for all members of your board, go to the 'About' tab in your governing board area and then to 'Downloads'

Scroll down until you reach the downloads for 'Declarations of interest'

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