Microsoft Teams is part of Office 365 which is used in many schools around the UK.  It provides video and audio conferencing and can be used to host an online governor meeting.

To get started, you'll need one person with a Microsoft Teams account (e.g. your headteacher or clerk).

The video below shows you how you can then use Teams to host a meeting with GovernorHub.

Here's our step-by-step written guide to using Google Meet for video meetings 🖊 ⬇️

Setting up the meeting
Joining a meeting
Sharing meeting papers

Setting up the meeting

Start by going to GovernorHub as you normally would and opening the appropriate meeting folder in Documents.

Next, open a new window or tab for Microsoft teams. Click on Calendar and then select the Meet Now button (see below - top right of screen).

This automatically starts the meeting (...with just you in it so far!) and you can give your meeting a name (e.g. Meeting with Neil Collins).

Then click 'Join now' which brings up the full meeting window and menu bar (see menu bar below). You can invite other members by clicking on the people icon (show participants).

This brings up a panel which allows you to Invite someone however we recommend clicking on the link icon to the right-hand side of this and copying a meeting link to your clipboard (copy join info).

If you go back to your GovernorHub tab (see below), you can paste the meeting link onto your board's Noticeboard and send it all members (CTRL + V will paste from your clipboard).

You can also add the web link to the meeting folder in your board's Documents area and pin to top of folder (see below). This might be useful for a meeting you're preparing for in advance.

(Here's our help article on how to add a web link to the Documents area and our help article on how to pin a link or document to the top of a folder).

Back in your Teams window, other members will begin to arrive and the meeting can begin.

Note: see below for information on how to share meeting papers from your screen.

Joining a meeting

If you click on the Teams meeting link on GovernorHub (see image above), it will open Teams in a new tab on your computer.

You don't need to download the app or any software, simply select 'Join on the web instead'

Note: you will probably be asked to allow Teams access to your screen and microphone at this stage. Select yes so you can take part in the meeting.

Sharing meeting papers

On the Teams menu, select the Share icon

This will probably offer a few sharing options. We recommend sharing a Window, not your Desktop as not everyone joining the meeting will have a large screen. Simply click on the window which already has GovernorHub open (see image below).

Teams makes it easy to see which is the info. on your screen is being shared by putting a red line around it (see below).

You can conduct the meeting pretty much 'as normal' by looking at documents together (such as the agenda below). Once the meeting has finished members will just need to sign out.

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