Zoom is a well used online video conferencing and you can find out more by going to https://zoom.us/

See the video below to see how to run an online governor meeting using Zoom.

Here's our step-by-step written guide to using Zoom for video meetings 🖊 ⬇️

Setting up the meeting
Joining a meeting
Sharing meeting papers

Setting up the meeting

Start by going to GovernorHub as you normally would and opening the appropriate meeting folder in Documents.

Now switch to Zoom in a new tab.
Note: only one person in the meeting needs a Zoom account.
You can also schedule meetings ahead of time, which may be useful, but on this occasion we will select the orange New Meeting button.

This will bring up the Zoom meeting window (below) and you can select the invite icon on the bottom menu bar (click to invite participants).

This brings up a new window. Instead of inviting individual members, go to the bottom left and select Copy URL (see image below) - which will copy a web link to your computer's clipboard.

You can then go back into GovernorHub (see below). 

Select Add a web link in the board's Documents area. Once added, you can pin the link to the top of the folder (CTRL+V will paste the link from Zoom which was stored on your clipboard). 

(Here's our help article on how to add a web link to the Documents area and our help article on how to pin a link or document to the top of a folder).

You can also share the link on your board's Noticeboard which will send an email to members.

Participants can click on the link to launch the meeting.

Joining a meeting

Click on the Zoom meeting link in your Documents area.

If you already have Zoom installed you will get a prompt asking you if you wish to open the meeting in Zoom. If you don't already have Zoom installed, you will be asked to download and install Zoom... but you don't need to do this.

You can simply click 'join from your browser' which is in small lettering at the bottom of the box (see image below)

You will then be prompted to agree to Zoom's privacy policy and enter your name for the meeting, before you can select join.

The next step is to choose which audio to use. You can dial in using a phone call or you can choose Computer audio (if you have a headset/mic and speakers you can join audio by computer). You may also need to allow Zoom to use your microphone.

Once at the meeting, Zoom won't automatically share your video screen, you will need to select Start Video (bottom left of screen) and then allow Zoom to use your camera.

This will share your video with the other members of the meeting.

For the host

You can see which window from your computer is being shared on the Zoom meeting by the green line (see below)

From here, you can share documents with other members as you would in a regular meeting. 

Members will need to select 'leave meeting' at the bottom right-hand side of their zoom meeting window when the meeting has finished.

Sharing meeting papers

In the Zoom meeting window, go to the menu bar at the bottom and select the share icon (see green icon in image below)

This Share button brings up lots of options and you will need to select the window which already has GovernorHub open (highlighted blue in the image below). This will allow other members to view documents from your screen during the meeting.

We recommend sharing a Window, not your Desktop as not everyone joining the meeting will have a large screen.

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