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What are the recent changes made to declarations and confirmations?
What are the recent changes made to declarations and confirmations?

We've made the process of declaring interests and board conformations easier to do, monitor and evidence.

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Governor profile area:

We've moved declarations of interest and confirmations into one tab called Compliance. This is to stop governors/trustees missing any - we hope this will make both functions feel like one job to do.

Governor profile area (declarations of interest):

Governors on multiple boards can now choose which boards their interests belong to. This will make downloads much more useful for clerks, providing relevant information only, for upload to school websites.

Editing / removing / adding new declarations will now automatically 'un-submit' a confirmation (if changing anything throughout the year, users will be reminded to re-confirm).

We've have added some guidance on what constitutes a relevant interest (look for the more information button) - hopefully this will help governors and trustees know what to declare and what not to.

Governor profile area (confirmations):

We've worked to help you evidence up to date understanding of Keeping Children Safe in Education.

We have made it clearer that the KCSiE confirmation has been added by us and cannot be moved or deleted - this is to encourage all boards to confirm that the whole document has been read and understood.

The confirmation will always be set for the latest version and titled as such. Each year on September 1st we will archive the old version and give you a fresh confirmation. This will save you having to clear old data or add your own KCSiE confirmation.

Board viewing area:

We've added a new area where everyone can view declarations AND confirmations for the whole board (helping conflicts become fully transparent, supporting clerks to check on and follow up on missing data and quickly check for actions to carry out at the beginning of any meeting) - you can find this in your governing board tab.

This will open a pop up as below ...

Just hover over a date to see when and who confirmed the declaration.

Or click on the arrow for details (please note - if someone has no declarations of interest the arrow will not open anything up).

We've made monitoring compliance easy!

Clicking on any of the confirmations in your board compliance tab, as above will open a window that shows the status everyone on your board.

To send a reminder to anyone that is not compliant (those with red or ambers warnings) just click on Send Reminder and select 'Share'. This will post a message on the board noticeboard and send an email message to all those that are non-compliant with a link for them to use to go and complete their confirmations.

MAT boards and governance support services:

Monitoring compliance across your boards is now much easier! Do this from your trust or service Resources area (if you are a trust or a support service and don't have one of these, just shout and we'll set you one up - it's also a great place to communicate with your boards, keep MAT/service wide documents and a calendar of events).

We've added the ability for MAT boards and support services to add bespoke confirmations to all boards in one go - this should save lots of time for governance leads (hooray!).

We've also added a compliance area for declaration of interests here too (the 'Interests' tab) so that governance leads can monitor interests across all boards.

Instantly see how many of each board have made declarations with the percentage 'wheels' or by hovering over a board.

Click on any board to view details AND send an automated reminder to anyone that is non-compliant with the send reminder button. This will pop a friendly message onto the relevant board's noticeboard and email anyone with an orange or red alert - giving them a link to follow to do what they need to.

You can choose whether to ask every person on your GovernorHub subscription to do this or click a check-box to only send to those with a live term of office.

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