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How do I make declarations of interest and other confirmations?
How do I make declarations of interest and other confirmations?

How to add your declarations of interest and make confirmations on GovernorHub

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You are likely to be asked by your clerk to (re)confirm your declarations of interest and make certain confirmations every year at the beginning of term.

Declarations of interest and confirmations are made on your Profile page on GovernorHub (the browser version).

Start by logging in to GovernorHub and clicking on your name at the top-right of the screen.

Next, click on the Profile option which takes you to your personal Profile page where you need to click on Compliance

You board may have various different confirmations for you to make at the beginning of each academic year - all of which should be kept up to date.

Declarations of interest

At the top of the page you will find the status of any declarations of interest and the date you last confirmed any. Green shows compliance (confirmed since September 1st of the current academic year). Orange (as above) shows expired declarations. Red shows that you have yet to declare/confirm.

Click on the downward arrow and use the buttons to re-confirm, unconfirm, add or edit your interests.

Nothing to declare?

If you have no conflicts of interest, you still need to confirm that you have 'nothing to declare' so your board can evidence compliance.

Make sure there are no details recorded in the interests section and click confirm; this will then show you have nothing to declare.

Something to declare?

Select ‘Add Interest’ from the right hand side of the screen. Complete the fields as required and then select ‘Add’.

If you need to add more than one declaration, just click ‘Add interest’ (the previous step) again.

When all declarations have been added you still need to confirm and submit them so that your clerk can view and monitor actions.


Your board may have various confirmations for you to make, these can be found following the declarations of interests. Just click on the downward arrow next to each one to confirm, reconfirm or unconfirm.

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