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How to access GovernorHub Knowledge
How to access GovernorHub Knowledge

Using GovernorHub to access GovernorHub Knowledge

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If your board has also purchased a subscription to GovernorHub Knowledge, you will be able to access this directly from your GovernorHub account.

How to access GovernorHub Knowledge:

If your GovernorHub account is set up already, and your members are already registered, once your subscription to GovernorHub Knowledge is set up, a new "GovernorHub Knowledge" K icon will appear on your 'washing line'.

Once your members are logged in to GovernorHub, they can simply click on the K icon to be transferred across to GovernorHub Knowledge in a new web browser window.

Giving access to new members of your account:

To give someone access to GovernorHub Knowledge, they will need to be registered as a member of your GovernorHub account. Only board admins can set up new members on your account.

I want to access GovernorHub Knowledge, but I've forgotten my GovernorHub password!

You can send yourself a password reset email on the login page or ask your clerk/chair or someone with board admins rights to send you a reset email.

If you don't receive the email or have any problems, contact the GovernorHub help desk by using the blue help icon on the bottom right of the website. You don't even need to be logged in. You could also email us on

Our help article explains more.

What if the K icon does not appear?

If the K icon isn't appearing and your board subscribes to GovernorHub Knowledge, it's possible that it has been removed from your washing line. To check this:

  • Click on your name at the top-right to go to your Profile, and then choose Settings

  • Select the Washing Line tab

  • To add Knowledge (or another icon) back onto your washing line, choose the + icon

If the K icon isn't in your settings, please contact us at

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