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How can I change my password?
How can I change my password?
Help! I've forgotten my password...
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Change your password at login

One way to change your password is during the Sign in process by going to

At the welcome screen, click on the blue button labelled Sign in.

After you've entered your email address you input your password. If you can't recall your password, you can click on the forgotten your password? link.

A new box will appear where you can enter your email address, and then click Go. You will then receive an email with a link to click to set up a new password.

The email with a new link should appear in your email inbox within a few minutes. If you do not receive an email please contact the GovernorHub help desk by clicking the blue chat bubble icon at the bottom right of the GovernorHub sign-in screen, or send an email to

Change password on your personal profile page

The other way to update your password is from within your GovernorHub account. Click on your name on the top of the screen and 'profile' to go to your personal profile page and select the Settings tab.

Here under the Privacy & Security tab you will get the option to update your password or sign in settings.

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