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Manage all of your governing boards in one place

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If you're an admin on two or more boards or have the role of clerk on two or more boards you will see a Hub icon on what we call 'the washing line'.

What can I do in My Hub?

The Hub allows you to see and manage all of your boards in one place.


The Home tab gives you a quick, visual catch up on what's going on with your boards - listing recent noticeboard posts and upcoming/recent meetings.

You can customise this page by choosing which boards to show noticeboard posts and events/meetings for in the menu bar at the top.


From My Hub, you can post a noticeboard message to all or some of your groups at once. Boards can be added or removed before hitting Post.

This might be useful if you want to share news to all of your governors e.g. an update to the government's Governance Handbook or a relevant news story.


You can view a upcoming and recent events for all of your boards from the Home tab of My Hub.

Tip: You can click on the folder icon to go straight to the linked document folder, or the video icon to launch the video meeting.

Boards and Groups

The Groups tab shows you all the boards and groups you're a member of.

You can use the search box at the top to find a specific board, or see all your boards below.

Use the links underneath each board to go straight to that section of the board's GovernorHub page.


In the Downloads tab, you can download reports for all of your boards.

You can click on any of the format options (PDF, Word, Excel) to download that report for all the selected boards.

Use the menu bar at the top to choose which boards to download data for.

(Tip: some downloads might not be available for some of your boards - we'll let you know if that's the case!)

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