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Where to find your Local Governing Boards and share documents and meetings amongst the Trust Board members.

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GovernorHub is great for Multi-Academy Trusts. A lot of features work in the same way as for standard Governing Boards, so the Basics and Admin help videos will be useful to members of MATs. However, we’ve also added some extra features to help make your lives easier!

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If you’re a member of a Multi-Academy Trust, your Trust Board page will look quite similar to a Governing Board page, with a few subtle differences.

One difference is that the Local Governing Boards are listed down the side on the Noticeboard page, and you can click on those links to take you directly to their Governing Board pages on GovernorHub.

Anyone who is a member of the Trust Board can go onto the Local Governing Board pages, and if you’re an admin for the Trust Board, you’ll also be an admin for each Governing Board.

The Calendar and Documents tabs work in exactly the same way for a Trust Board as they do for a Governing Board.

The biggest difference is you’ll have a Trust Board tab in place of the Governing Board tab. You can use this tab just like the Governing Board tab to keep track of members, directors and trustees, including their roles and committee membership.

If you’re an admin of the Trust Board, here is where you can add and remove members, assign roles, and organise committees.

There is also an About tab where you can change how your Trust Board is referred to or how your linked boards or groups are referred to throughout GovernorHub.

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