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How to manage policies by setting a review date for a document
How to manage policies by setting a review date for a document

Easily track and manage policies which need to be regularly reviewed

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Adding a review date to a document

First you need to find the document or policy you wish to update in your board's Documents area.

You may need to upload the file if you haven't already - we recommend creating a Policy Folder to store board policies (see our help article on how to organise your board's Documents section).

Click on the three dots to the right-hand side of the document.

A menu will appear which gives you an option to 'Set a review date...'

This brings up a calendar for you to select a date.

(If it's a review date in more than a years' time, you can click on the year to scroll more quickly)

Once you've clicked 'Ok', the Review due date will appear underneath the Document name.

Red, Amber or Green?

Upcoming review dates are displayed in three colours:

  • Green if the date is more than a few weeks away

  • Amber if the date is due soon

  • Red indicates that the date has already passed, and review is overdue

You can change a review date by selecting the three-dots menu again and you will see an option to 'Change or clear the review date...'

Note: if a document has been locked, only board admins can set a review date πŸ”“

Download a list of documents with review dates

You can download a list of all documents with review dates in PDF, Word or Excel format from the Downloads page, under the Governing Board tab.

** Top Tip ** If you download the excel report, you can sort by date - giving you a handy calendar of policies to review over the course of the year.

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