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The Trust Resources Area

How to use the Trust Resources area to share information with all the academies in the Trust.

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The Multi-Academy Trust Resources area is for sharing information with all the academies in the Trust.

All governors in Local Governing Boards can see the Resources area as an icon on what we call 'the washing line', top right-hand corner of the screen.

All the members of the Trust Board or central team*, whether they're admins or not, can post news and upload documents here.

*If you're not sure who that is for your trust, get in touch!

Posting News

You can post an article on the News page by clicking on Write a new article.

You can also choose for the news article to go out as an email to everyone in the trust ("People in all subscribing boards") by using the dropdown menu in the bottom right corner.

Anything that is posted in the News tab of the Resources area will also appear on the main News feed (the News icon on the washing line) for everyone in the Trust Board and the Local Governing Boards.

Sharing Resources

The Resources tab is for sharing documents among everyone in the Trust Board and Local Governing Boards. All members of the Trust Board can upload, rename, and delete documents here, and members of the LGBs can read and download them.

To share a document in the Resources tab to a news article, you will need to click on the three dots menu and select 'copy link'.

You can then paste a link to the document in the news article.

For more help with documents on GovernorHub, see our help section on working with documents.


The Calendar tab pulls together all the events from both the Trust Board and the Local Governing Boards and displays them in one place. It's a read-only calendar and events are colour-coded to show which board they are for.

Larger MATs

As your MAT starts to grow, we can provide you with a database of governors and governing boards via the GovernorHub Admin site.

The Admin site provides a variety of functionality such as downloadable reports for the Trust and LGBs as a whole and running database queries to search for governors and governing boards based on certain filters.

There is an extra charge to have this function added, but it’s easier than trying to keep it all in your head!

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