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The News Feed on GovernorHub

Where does the News on GovernorHub come from?

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Where is the News Feed?

The news feed can be found under the News icon on your washing line.

Where does the news come from?

Our news aggregation is all automated, pulling news from a list of RSS feeds on the theme of education, which most, but not all, publications have.

We pull in articles with categories such as "Education" or "Schools", so some articles may seem more relevant than others.

It's important to note that some news providers publish a lot more articles than others, so the volume of articles on the news feed is also directly linked to the output from the various different sites.

Our current list of providers (some of which are local providers):
πŸ—ž Ofsted
πŸ—ž Department for Education
πŸ—ž The Telegraph - Education
πŸ—ž BBC News - Education and Family
πŸ—ž The Guardian - Education
πŸ—ž Norfolk Governors Network
πŸ—ž Norfolk MI Sheets
πŸ—ž EDP - Education
πŸ—ž Governing Buddy
πŸ—ž Clerk to Governors
πŸ—ž Southern Daily Echo
πŸ—ž Hampshire Chronicle
πŸ—ž Medway Governor Services
πŸ—ž Educator Solutions
πŸ—ž Bedfordshire On Sunday Education
πŸ—ž Nottingham Post
πŸ—ž Diocese of Westminster
πŸ—ž The Guardian Early Years
πŸ—ž Nursery World
πŸ—ž 4Children
πŸ—ž DfE Latest Documents
πŸ—ž Ofsted Latest Documents
πŸ—žBetter Governor
πŸ—ž Education Endowment Foundation
πŸ—ž Schools Week
We would be happy to add in any other sources that you think would be useful (if it’s technically feasible). Please contact us at

How can I share a news article?

  • Click on the three dots in the corner of the article you'd like to share and select Share to noticeboard

  • Edit the text of the noticeboard post by clicking into the body and adding your own message.

  • Add in the noticeboards of the boards you'd like the article to be shared to

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