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How do I set up my GovernorHub account?
How do I set up my GovernorHub account?

How to set up your account and sign in to GovernorHub.

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Getting Started

There are three ways to register for GovernorHub and receive a welcome email:

  • By signing up for a free trial for your school

  • By invitation from a member of your Governor Services

  • By invitation from a board admin (if your board is already using GovernorHub)

(Note: only admins can invite new members; it's usually the clerk who does this)

Welcome Email 📧

When you receive the email, click on the set up my password link🔗 and follow the steps to set up your account.

In step 1, you can change to a preferred email address but don't forget to sign in using the new address in future! And in step 2, choose a password.

In step 3, you can choose whether to share your contact info with your board, and decide whether to receive email updates from GovernorHub or any Governor Services organisations your board subscribes to.

Finally, in step 4, you will need to read our Terms and Conditions and, if you're happy with them, tick the box to say you agree.

When you're ready, hit the Let's get started! button to confirm your registration.

You'll be taken to your personal profile page to fill out some details about yourself. Note: some of these may have already been filled in if you were invited to join GovernorHub by a board admin.

When you next Sign In

Use your Internet browser to go to and click on the blue Sign In button (see below)

Enter the e-mail address you used to register and your password then select the blue Sign In button. If you click Keep me signed in, you won't need to enter these details the next time you log in.

Note: If your email address has not been registered on GovernorHub you will need to contact your GovernorHub board admin (usually the clerk) who can set you up as a member.

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