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Can I add a new historical member record?
Can I add a new historical member record?

Updating the historical records for your board on GovernorHub

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How to add a new historical member record from scratch?

On the members page under Historical members, you'll find an option to Add Record.

This brings up a window allowing you to add details for a former member of the board including: leaving date, name, roles, committees, reason for removal and notes.

To add appointment details such as the governor type, you'll need to click 'Add appointment'. This brings up a new window where you can add the appointment type and details such as term-of-office start and end.

Don't forget to hit Save on both of those windows to add the new appointment to the historical members' timeline.

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Is there a report I can download for historical members?

Ah, we knew you'd ask. We hope to provide a historical members report which contains the information held on this page as soon as possible (please bear with us, we're working on it!).
We'll also make sure that the declarations and training reports also include information on members who've left within the last 12 months.

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