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What happens when someone leaves the board?
What happens when someone leaves the board?
Historical member records on GovernorHub
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What happens when I remove a member?

When you click to Remove someone from the board on the membership page, a window appears which allows you to add extra information to someone's historical record including:

  • a leaving date (this can be in the future although access is revoked immediately)

  • a reason for removal (term of office expired, resigned etc)

  • optional notes

Note: you can only add extra information if someone has an appointment/governor type. No historical records will be saved for a governor without an appointment. More info. here.

We also automatically save information such as:

  • appointment information (governor type, term of office, first appointed date)

  • roles

  • committee membership

  • meeting attendance for any academic year (in attendance reports)

  • Training records for members who left in the past 12 months (in the Training report)

  • Declarations of Interest for members who left in the past 12 months (in the Declarations report)

Where do I find information on members who've left the board?

On the members page, you will find a timeline for historical members by clicking on the Historical members tab.

We've have backfilled this information from 1st September 2019 using historical data we have available to us. However some information may be inaccurate or incomplete.

Click on the name of a historical member to view more details including: the reason they left, their role and committees, their governor type, term of office and first appointed date.

You can edit any of these fields by clicking Edit. Another way to amend or update the appointment/governor type is to click the three dots menu next to the appointment. Don't forget to hit Save.

You can also create your own record from scratch by clicking 'Add Record' at the top of the page.

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Where's the handy report?

There is an Historical Members report in the Downloads tab, under Governing Board.

The declarations and training reports also include information on members who've left within the last 12 months.

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