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How to sign a document remotely πŸ–Š
How to sign a document remotely πŸ–Š

Marking documents as signed on GovernorHub

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You can now mark a document as signed on GovernorHub in case it's not possible to meet face-to-face to do this.

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In the Documents tab, find the document you wish to sign and click on the three dots menu on the right-hand side. This menu will give you an option to 'Mark as signed'.

Once you've done this, the document will display as 'marked as signed by ......'.

Hover over the name with a mouse to reveal the date of the signature πŸ“†, as below.

More than one person can sign a document. Hover over the number of people who've signed to find out more info., as below.

To remove your signature, simply open the document menu again and select 'Mark as unsigned'.

Only board admins can remove a signature for someone else.
If more than one person has signed a document, admins will be able to choose which person (or all) to remove.

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