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How can I track meeting attendance?
How can I track meeting attendance?

How to add attendees to a meeting, download a sign-on sheet, record attendance to an event, and download an attendance report.

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Setting attendees

When adding a meeting to your board's calendar on GovernorHub, you have the option to add attendees for the meeting.

You have three options for adding attendees:

  • Click on the Add all members button to add all the members of the board as attendees

  • Use the dropdown to find a specific person to add as an attendee

  • If the "Event for" is set, click on Add all committee members to add just the members of that committee as attendees

* New board members *

Please note that existing calendar events and attendance do not auto-update with new members added to the board after the meeting has been set up. Any new board members will need to be added to the attendees list manually.

Downloading a sign-on sheet

Click on an event in the calendar to open the details box for the meeting, then click on Download sign-on sheet to download the sign-on sheet to use in your meeting.

Marking attendance

To record meeting attendance, click directly on the meeting event in the calendar, then click on the Edit button.

You can then mark attendance by selecting the options next to each person's name, and click Save when you're finished.

Attendance Report

Attendance that you have recorded in any calendar event will be recorded in a handy report. You can access the Attendance report from the Downloads tab.

Click on the drop-down menu to change the academic year selected, and then click on the format you need.

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