Governing Board Healthcheck

Review your board's performance against the new Ofsted framework

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The Governing Board Healthcheck gives your board an opportunity to discuss and review its effectiveness against key elements from the latest Ofsted framework.

How should we use it?

The Healthcheck is not designed to be a straight-forward 'tick-box' exercise for one person, rather it's a chance to discuss and reflect on what your governing board currently knows and understands (e.g. what evidence it has seen) about the school and its pupils.

As such, we suggest that you download the Healthcheck worksheet (shown below) and discuss your answers together as a board. Alternatively you could ask all members to complete the sheet separately, and then share and discuss your answers afterwards.

There are 14 questions in total. Each question relates to an aspect of the Ofsted framework e.g. QE Intent (Quality of Education, Intent)

Once you have agreed responses to the questions, your administrator can select the answers directly on the Healthcheck page on GovernorHub.

Note: only admins can select the answers online

Once completed, the pie chart at the top of the page uses a traffic light colour coding system ๐Ÿšฆ to give a quick at-a-glance impression of how the board is doing and any areas for improvement.

i.e. doing well (green) / work-to-do (orange and red).

The chart will show 100% complete if all 14 questions have been answered.

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