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The GovernorHub database site: Searching for Governing Boards
The GovernorHub database site: Searching for Governing Boards

How to use the GovernorHub database site to search for governing boards and see their details.

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To search for a governing board, click on Governing Boards in the left-hand menu. Type the name of the board into the search bar and click on the board in the search results to see its details.

You can see which tabs the board has on their GovernorHub page, and what the members can see in your service area:

You can also see the board's health scores, including their Healthcheck score (with a warning triangle if there are missing answers), their GovernorHub Usage score (a measure of the board's activity on the site), how many of the members have set their password, how many training sessions they've attended over the last year, and how many vacancies the board has:

You can also use this panel to see and manage the board's tags:

Use the buttons to download some reports for the board, open the board's page on GovernorHub, or click on 'Details' to see some more information:

On the board's information page, you can see details for the school, including contact information and a map of its location. 

You can see any recent changes for the board, and by clicking on a change you can see more information such as who made the change. Use the text box to add a note to the board:

Notes are only visible to members of the service group

On this page you can also see a list of the members of the board, and click on any of the members to see more information about them. There's also tabs in this panel for the board's committees and vacancies:

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