Adding a review date to a document

First you need to find the document or policy you wish to update in your board's Documents area. 

You may need to upload the file if you haven't already  - we recommend creating a Policy Folder to store board policies (see our help article on how to organise your board's Documents section).

Click on the three dots to the right-hand side of the document.

A menu will appear which gives you an option to 'Set a review date...'

This brings up a calendar for you to select a date.

(If it's a review date in more than a years' time, you can click on the year to scroll more quickly)

Once you've clicked 'Ok', the Review due date will appear underneath the Document name.

* Upcoming dates will appear in orange and overdue dates will appear in red *

You can change a review date by selecting the three-dots menu again and you will see an option to 'Change or clear the review date...'

Note: if a document has been locked, only board admins can set a review date 🔓

Download a list of documents with review dates

You can download a list of all documents with review dates in PDF, Word or Excel format from the Downloads page, under the Governing Board tab.

** Top Tip ** If you download the excel report, you can sort by date - giving you a handy calendar of policies to review over the course of the year.

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