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What does the members tab show?
What does the members tab show?

Member details including governor types, roles and committee membership.

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To see a list of the members of your board, click on the 'Governing Board' or 'Trust Board' tab (this is usually the 4th tab on your board's page).

You can then see a list of everyone on your board, with their member type listed below their name. You can spot those who haven't yet set up their GovernorHub account by looking for the "has not yet registered on GovernorHub" line underneath their name.

The following labels will also show next to some people:

  • A green 'Admin' label for the people who have admin rights over the board

  • Blue labels to show which committee(s) the person sits on

  • Grey labels for all the roles the person has

To see more information about someone, simply click on their name to expand their details:

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