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Where your documents live on GovernorHub, how to navigate around the documents section and how to view documents

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Where your documents live in GovernorHub

We store the documents in GovernorHub "in the cloud" so that they are accessible by connecting over the Internet.

The documents are listed in folders (much like on your computer) and can be found by clicking on the Documents tab.

Documents and folders are sorted alphabetically and in date order by default, but you can click Name or Last Modified if you want to see them in a different order.

Navigating around the documents section

When navigating around the documents section, click on the name of a folder to go into that folder. As you open folders and sub-folders, you'll see a breadcrumb trail of where you are in the upper left corner of the documents section.

To move up to a higher folder level, simply click on the folder name in the breadcrumb trail.

Viewing documents

You don't need to download documents to open them - you can simply click on a document's name to view it using GovernorHub's built-in document viewer.

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