GovernorHub allows you to change the visibility of folders in your board's documents section so they are only visible to people in a specific committee.

What to use this for

Here at GovernorHub we believe good governance involves good transparency. Generally speaking, the documents on your board's GovernorHub page should be accessible to all governors, so you may never need to change the visibility of any of the folders.

However, you may want to use this feature when you absolutely have to restrict papers, for example when you have documents that reference staff salaries or as a lightweight way of managing complaints.

Sometimes you may want to restrict a folder to a group of governors that don't fall into your committee structure. To do this you could make a pseudo "committee" that lists those governors as members.

What not to use this for

Almost everything! As mentioned above, most of the documents on your board's GovernorHub page should be accessible to all governors so you shouldn't need to use this feature for routine committee business.

It's important to note that even though admins of the board may not be able to see a restricted folder, they could still potentially gain access to it by adding themselves to the committee it is restricted to.

Managing restricted visibility

The Visible to field on a file or folder tells you who can see it.

You can change a document folder to be visible to any committee that you are listed as a member of.

To change the visibility of a folder, first ensure that the committee is set up. For help on setting up a new committee, see this article.

In much the same way as admins for the board can lock files and folders for the main board, you can set up admins for committees who can lock items in a restricted folder. You can do this via the three dot menu next to their name where the option appears to "Set as admin".

Each person's role will appear under their name and you will be able to clearly see who is the admin of the committee as it will have a green "Admin" tag under their name.

To change a folder's visibility, click on the dropdown menu under 'Visible to' and select the committee from the list.

This will change the visibility of the folder and all of its contents.

Note: If the folder or any of its contents are locked, only admins can change the visibility of the folder.

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