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How do I search for a post on the noticeboard?
How do I search for a post on the noticeboard?

Searching conversations on your noticeboard by set topics or free text

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The noticeboard is a great way to ensure conversations that happen in-between meetings are visible and recorded, it's also a great tool for tracking items for addition to agendas or keeping up with training needs and messages from your local authority or trust.

Creating topic filters to help categorise your posts

Our article Adding topics to posts on the noticeboard shows you how your clerk/admin can create topics and add them to existing posts. All board members can then filter the noticeboard by these topics. This is really handy for creating a group of generic filters that you often come looking for (Training' or 'Next meeting agenda item' for example).

Free text search

If however, you want to find that conversation where you mentioned a particular person, subject, policy etc. (something your clerk won't have set up a generic topic for) you can now search using free text.
When you are on your board's noticeboard - click on the filter/search button next to the new message box at the top of the screen.

This will open the filters area where you can type what you are looking for into the Search by text (BETA) box. In the example below we've searched for SEND report - this has automatically pulled up any noticeboard posts that match (and ones that nearly match just in case!).

From here you can change your search simply by typing over your first search or, if you are finished, you can click Back to noticeboard to return to the normal view.

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