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The GovernorHub database site: Tags
The GovernorHub database site: Tags

How to view and manage tags for governors and governing boards on the database site.

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Tags are a great way of keeping track of certain governors and governor boards on the Admin site. You can use any tag you like, and tags are specific to your service.

Managing tags

You can manage the tags for your service from the Home page. You'll see a list of both your governor and governing board tags, and you can use the pencil icon to rename and tag, or the dustbin icon to delete the tag. You can also use the text box to create a new tag.

(Note: deleting a tag will also remove the tag from any governor/board it's on)

Tagging governors and governing boards

On a governor or governing board's page on the Admin site, you can use the Tags box to see their tags:

Type in the box to add a new tag, and the dropdown will offer suggestions for existing tags that you can choose from. If you want to add a tag that doesn't already exist, type the tag name into the box and press Enter. The new tag will be added to the governor/board and be available to use on other governors/boards.

You can also manage the tags for your service by clicking on the cog wheel above the tags box.

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