Writing a message on the noticeboard will send an email for you.

On your board's noticeboard page you can post a message by clicking in the box at the top of the screen.

This opens the message composer, where you can type your message and style it using the formatting icons in the toolbar.

Adding links to noticeboard posts

To add links to the message, click on the link icon in the toolbar (shown above) to bring up the link editor panel.

Enter the text you want the link to be displayed as in the Text to display box (e.g. 'Click here to...'). You can then either paste an external link in the Link to box, or click on the folder icon to browse through your board's documents section and choose a file or folder to link.

Adding emojis to noticeboard posts

You can also add emojis to your message by clicking on the emoji icon (shown above) to bring up the emoji picker.

Emojis work great with reactions - find out more here.

Specifying who will be notified by email about your post

When creating a noticeboard post, you can notify everyone by email or choose to only notify members of a particular committee by selecting from the Send email to dropdown. The message will be visible on the noticeboard to all board members, but only the committee members will receive an email about the post.

Sending the message

When you are happy with your message, click Send. This will post your message on the noticeboard and send an email to the chosen members of the board to notify them of the post.

The email from GovernorHub will say '[Your name] has posted in [School Name]' and will contain the full text you have entered on the noticeboard.

Adding comments to noticeboard posts

To comment on a noticeboard post, click on Add a comment and type your message. To add a link, simply copy the link URL and paste it into the body of the comment. When you click Send, the link will automatically be detected and turned into a link.

Who will be notified about any comments or replies?

Any comments or replies will be emailed to the original recipients of the post (this might be the full governing board i.e. Everyone or a selected committee i.e. Curriculum Committee) and anyone else who has commented (this might include someone who didn't receive the original post notification email but has chosen to comment as noticeboard posts are visible to all board members upon login).

Before you hit Send on a comment or a reply, you will see a message telling you who will be notified about your comment/reply.

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