First up, we call the line across the top of the page the 'washing line'. You click on the hanging icons to make your way around GovernorHub.

There are icons for:

  • any board and/or group you're a member of

  • services your board subscribes to

  • the news page

  • the clerking dashboard My Hub (if you're a busy clerk)

If you have too many icons (14+) and run out of space, we compress your boards, groups and services into one My Groups icon.

This one icon is where you access all of your boards and groups thereafter.

However you might want to pin your favourite boards back on to the washing line.

To do this, click on your name at the top of the screen, to go to your profile page, next click on the settings tab and then the washing line tab.

Here you will see a list of your boards, groups and services. At this stage, the washing line is still in the Default settings mode - this means nothing is pinned yet and all boards are still under the My Groups icon.

To start pinning and customising your washing line, toggle the Default settings switch to Custom settings.

You can now start clicking the + button to choose which boards or groups to pin to the washing line.

Pinned items appear at the top pf this section, icons still hidden are shown underneath.

You can have 13 items on the washing line and we help you count how many you've pinned and how many you have left.

Don't forget to pin your My Groups icon so you still have access to your hidden boards and groups.

Your new custom washing line will update immediately at the top of the page.

You can go back in to change these settings at any time.

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