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How do I share a file to the Noticeboard?
How do I share a file to the Noticeboard?

How to post a link on the noticeboard to a file or folder in the documents section, to be emailed to people on your board

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When writing a noticeboard post

As you're writing a post on the noticeboard, you can add links to folders and files in the documents section by doing the following:

  • Click on the link icon in the toolbar:

  • In the Edit link window, you can (optionally) fill in the Text to display field, then either type in the Link to field to find the folder/file...

... or click on the folder icon to browse through your board's documents and select the folder/file that you want to link. This fills in the Text to display and Link to fields with the file/folder name and link.

From the documents section

You can also share folders and files from the documents section by opening the three-dot menu to the right-hand side of the file/folder and clicking Share on Noticeboard.

This creates a message on the noticeboard containing a link to the file/folder.

You can change the body of the post to write your own message about the file/folder you've shared, then choose who the email should be sent to, and hit Send to post the message.

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