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Setting up your Clerking Group
Setting up your Clerking Group

How to add and remove clerks in GovernorHub as they join and leave your clerking team

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If you have a clerking service, there are some features in GovernorHub which will help you assign clerks directly to schools in GovernorHub.

This function is all controlled from your service's Clerking Group. If you're not a member of this group already, go to and the Home page and then click on the Clerking Group link.

This Clerking Group is where you maintain the list of clerks in your clerking team, along with any administrators who manage the allocation of clerks to schools. This list is in the Members tab.

You can add and remove clerks to your Clerking Group in the same way you would add and remove members of any other group (see here if you want help on doing that).

Once clerks are members of this clerking group then you can assign them to schools - which is described in this article.

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