How do I create a committee?

Creating and deleting committees/groups and tracking membership

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To create a new committee

Under the Governing Board tab, you will find a committees tab.

Here you can choose to add a new committee by clicking the blue button.

A box will then appear where you can type in the name of the committee.

To add a member to a committee or group

To add a member, scroll down to the committee and from the drop down menu select the blue "Add Members" button.

A box will pop up and by clicking the drop down menu a list of your governors will appear. You can then click on their names to add them to the committee.

Once added their names will appear under the committee with a three dot menu next to each name.

Clicking on that three dot menu will give you the option to set the Chair, Vice Chair, Admin etc. for this committee.

Remember that in order to be able to restrict documents to this committee you will need to make yourself admin of the committee.

To remove a member

You can use this same three dot menu shown above to remove a member from the committee.

To delete a committee

To delete a committee altogether, select the red "Remove Committee" button.

For guidance on how to use your committees to create restricted folders, click here

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