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How do I create and assign a governor's role?
How do I create and assign a governor's role?

Creating, assigning, and removing governors' roles.

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Assigning a role

Go to the Governing Board tab and select the roles tab.

Here you can assign the role of Chair, Vice chair or clerk to an existing board member by clicking on the pen icon.

Only one person can have these special roles at a time. To change who has this role (e.g. who is the Chair) - click on the x by the name of the member assigned the role. You can then use the pen icon to assign the role to a different member.

Note: for co-chairs you will need to create a bespoke role.

Creating a bespoke role

You can also create bespoke roles for your board by adding a new role at the bottom of the page. Assign it to an existing member using the pen icon as before.

Tracking roles in the membership tab

If you go back to the membership page, you will see the roles next to the member.

The Clerk, Chair and Vice Chair are special roles which appear in orange. The other roles you set up yourself appear in grey. The Admin role in green indicates whether that person is an admin for your board.

You can remove admin rights by selecting the arrow.

Here the menu gives you to the option to remove admin rights.

Removing an assigned role

To take a role away from someone, simply click on the x which appears next to their name. You can re assign the role using the plus icon.

To remove a role altogether

To remove roles from your governing body , click on the x on the right hand side of the screen next to the role.


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