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Current members

The members of the governing board will appear as a list. You can see their role(s) by looking at the labels next to their name, or by clicking on the 'Roles' tab. If you click on the arrow to the left of a member's name, you can see more details about them (e.g. the type of governor they are, their term of office, etc...)

Or you can click on their name to see their contact details and training records.

You can also click on “export data” to download some useful reports to your computer.


The “Roles” tab lets you quickly see which role is assigned to which person.


And the “Committees” tab lists the current committees. You can click on the name of a committee to see its members. You can also click "Download committee membership list" to save the list to your computer.


The “Constitution” tab shows your Governing Board Constitution, including current vacancies.


The “Healthcheck” tab lets you make a quick assessment of how well you are meeting Ofsted expectations. You can select the scenario that best describes your governing board performancein each of the areas of governance that inspectors consider. If you want to run through the Healthcheck in a governors' meeting or workshop, you can download and print the PDF.

If you’re an admin, you have extra control in this section, which is covered in the Admin section here.

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