Google Meet is part of of Google Hangouts and allows people to do video and audio conferencing online.  You can find out more at

At least one person will need a Google account to use Meet but other attendees can just join by following a link.

See the video below to see how to use Google Meet to run an online meeting using GovernorHub.  

(Note : There was a problem with Hannah's audio when recording this video.  We don't know if this is common with Google Meet or not but was the first time we had come across the problem.  We suspect it was down to a clash between the screen recording software we were using and Google Meet but don't know for sure.)

Here's our step-by-step written guide to using Google Meet for video meetings 🖊 ⬇️

Setting up the meeting
Joining the meeting
Sharing meeting papers

Setting up the meeting

Start by going to GovernorHub as you normally would and opening the appropriate meeting folder in Documents.

To start up the Google meeting, you need to open up another tab on your computer and go to

Note: you'll need a Google account to do this.

Click on 'Start a meeting' (see below)

You'll be asked to give the meeting a name and then you can click 'continue' which takes you to the screen below where the software may check the audio on your computer.

If you click on the Join now button (see above) you will be taken to the meeting screen (see below) where you can copy joining info to your computer's clipboard.

From here, you can go back to the tab on your computer which has GovernorHub open and add the link into the appropriate meeting folder in Documents (see below).

Note: we had to be careful to remove the additional words which appeared before the link address (see highlighted words below).

You can then pin the web link to the top of the meeting folder so it's more visible (see below).

(Here's our help article on how to add a web link to the Documents area and our help article on how to pin a link or document to the top of a folder).

You can also share the web link on your board's noticeboard (see below).

Note: we've shared this message just to Hannah but you can share to everyone on your board.

Joining the meeting

When it's time to join the meeting, you can simply click on the web link which is in your Documents area.

The meeting will pop up in a new tab and you'll be asked whether to allow Google access to your microphone and camera (see below). You will need to click Allow to be able to join the meeting fully.

Once you've done this, you will see your own video (see below) and be asked to add a name before clicking 'Ask to Join'.

At this stage, the meeting host will then get a message to say you're asking to join the meeting and can click Admit (or deny entry). 

Sharing meeting papers

Once the meeting is up-and-running, you can click on the Present now button on the menu bar at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen (see below).

This offers the option to share your entire screen or a window (we suggest sharing a window in case other users have a small screen). 

You will be given some options but make sure you share the window for the meeting (in our case, that's the image of Hannah in the top left, Meet - ecn etc).

You can then switch to the GovernorHub tab and open your agenda. Everyone in the meeting will be able to see it (see below). Click 'You are presenting' for the option to 'stop presenting' to switch to the video again.

From here, you can continue the meeting pretty much as normal. When the meeting is over, it's important that everyone closes the Google Meet tab on their computer so their camera isn't reactivated at any point.

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