To add appointment information

From the Governing Board or Trust Board tab, select Members.

Find the person on the Members list and click on the arrow to the right-hand side of their name to reveal a drop-down menu. Select + Add an Appointment to bring up a new menu.

From this menu, you can select the appointment type. Just start typing, or click on the arrow to bring up available types. The types and numbers available are set in your governing boards Constitution. Click Add to save the information.

To update or change appointment information

Click on the pillar of three dots in the smaller box under the main profile. Select Edit Information from the pop up menu.

This will bring up a new window which allows you to edit the information. You can update terms of office, allocate a nominating authority and keep a note of any additional info. 

** Top Tip ** Additional information can be anything relevant to the appointment; such as who they were nominated by, or the terms of office of a new or temporary role such as Chair, or Associate Member. You can also use it to record a resignation date before officially removing a governor from the board.

Just click Update to finish.


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