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Documents on the GovernorHub App

Where to find documents in the GovernorHub App, and how to read them with no Internet connection.

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With the GovernorHub mobile and tablet app, you can take your documents with you wherever you go. There's no need to worry about remembering to print your papers, saving money on printing costs in the long run.

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Open up the GovernorHub app and navigate to your Board's page. Use the dropdown menu in the top right corner to get to the documents page.

Move around the folders to find the document you want, and tap on it to read it right there in the GovernorHub app, or tap on the share button to open it in another app.

To access more options, tap on the three dots next to a document or folder's name:

In the options pop-up, you can share the document on the Noticeboard, to bring it to the other members' attention. You can also make the document available offline, which is especially useful if you know you'll need to access it somewhere where there's no available internet connection.

You can make a document available offline in the same way as above, or you can open the folder you want and pull down to reveal the search bar and the Make all available offline option.

A green tick on a document or folder's name means it's available offline.

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