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The Noticeboard on the GovernorHub App
The Noticeboard on the GovernorHub App

How to use the GovernorHub App to contact the school or email the other Board members.

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With the GovernorHub mobile and tablet apps, it's easier than ever to keep up-to-date with the latest news from your Governing Board or Trust Board and stay in touch with the other Board members.

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Open up the GovernorHub app and use the menu to navigate to your Governing Board or Trust Board page. This takes you through to the Noticeboard.

The school's details are listed down the right hand side, where you can open some handy links, or even phone the school directly from the app.

You can scroll through the Noticeboard posts to read and comment on the latest updates from the other board members. Or you can use the text box at the top to write your own message.

Tap in the box, type what you want to say and choose who you want the email to be sent to. Then, when you press Email, an email is sent to the members you chose, and the post is added to the Noticeboard.

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