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Can I record details of my governor training?
Can I record details of my governor training?

How to add course details to your training record

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You can keep a record of any training courses you take, in your personal profile area.

First, click on your name at the top of the screen then click on Profile to access your profile.

Then click on the Training tab.

Training Bookings & Registrations

This section will show any current bookings made through the training booking system on GovernorHub.

* Please note this feature depends on your training provider and whether their courses are available to book through GovernorHub or via another site *

Any courses booked on GovernorHub will automatically show up here:

Training Records for Booked Courses

This section shows any courses you have completed, with dates. If the course was booked online through GovernorHub and then is marked as completed by the training provider, the certificate will be uploaded automatically and is available to download through the cloud icon next to the date.

Online courses

Please be aware that "Online" courses (that do not require booking, and can be taken at any time) do not show up automatically in your training record once completed, and their details will need to be added manually (see instructions below)

Adding a new training record

You can manually add details of any training completed by clicking on the 'Add a new training record' button at the top-right.

Enter the name and the date of the training. Please note the date must be in the past - you cannot add future training events.

Here you can also upload a course certificate using the Upload certificate blue button (this can be PDF, Word, JPEG etc.). Once you have entered these details, click Save to save the details in your training record.

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