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Emailing training delegates or attendees

How to email all the delegates or attendees for a training session

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To email the governors that are booked on to a training session, simply click on the Email button within the session itself.

Emailing delegates

To email all delegates booked onto the course, choose the 'Email all delegates' option.

Emailing attendees

To email all governors that have been marked as attending this course, choose the 'Email attendees only' option.

Clicking either option will create a draft email that opens in the default email program listed on your computer, with all the delegates' email addresses contained in the BCC field.

Setting up your default email program

The default mail program on your computer may be automatically set by your device or operating system, but you can amend the settings if needed.

Please visit the external links below for more details:



Amending mail settings in Outlook

When creating the draft email to delegates or attendees, the email addresses need to be separated by commas (,) as this is currently the standard format used when mailing multiple people.

Outlook does not currently support this format as a default setting, so you may need to amend this setting if you are using Outlook as your mail program.

In Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail:

In the Send messages section, you can select the option for Commas can be used to separate multiple message recipients.

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