Creating training courses
How to create and update training courses in your service area
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Creating courses

If you're a member of your service's training group on GovernorHub, you will be able to create training courses from the Training tab of the group.

You can group sessions by date, course or trainer, and toggle between sessions in the future and the past.

To create a new course, click on Create a new course.

You can then give the course a name and an optional description. You can also categorise courses by clicking on the Add a category button.

Once you've added all the details for a course, click Save.

Updating courses

If you need to update the course title, description or categories, click on the name of the course in the course list and click Edit course.

If a course is no longer running, you can archive the course so you can still see the historical sessions but you can't add any more sessions for the course. To archive a course, click on the red Archive button.

How to create training sessions

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