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Can I subscribe to the calendar?
Can I subscribe to the calendar?

How to subscribe to your GovernorHub calendar on your Apple, Outlook or Google calendar.

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You can subscribe to a read-only copy of your board's calendar on whichever calendar you use - Apple, Outlook or Google.

Do note, subscribing to a calendar doesn't mean that every event will instantly appear, this depends on how often the email client syncs (it's not something that GovernorHub can impact). Google calendar for instance, seems to sync once a day.

Often just clicking on the 'Subscribe' button on the calendar page will import the calendar into your default calendar application, however if that doesn't work or you want to import it into a different application here are some instructions on doing so.

  • First of all, copy the web address of the calendar subscription. You can do that by pressing the "Copy" button to the right of the "Subscription Link" box.

  • Now you have a copy of the subscription address (URL) that you can import into whichever application you want. To find a more detailed guide on how to do this, follow the application's own help guides below.

Mac Calendar

Follow the guidance from Apple for ‘new calendar subscription’:

iPad & iPhone

Follow the guidance from Apple to ‘add a subscription calendar’:

Microsoft Outlook

It's worth noting that it currently not possible to link your Teams calendar with Outlook if you have a free account. If you have Office 365 and you are using the same Office 365 account to login Teams and Outlook then, by default, Teams calendar should sync the events from Outlook calendar. That said our boards are reporting that this does not work either. If you are having trouble it may be worth your while reaching out to Microsoft/Teams IT support.

Google Calendar

Follow the guidance from Google to 'use a link to add a public calendar help centre':'hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform=Desktop#zippy=%2Cadd-using-a-link

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