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Sending news articles as emails
Sending news articles as emails

How to send a news article from your service area as an email to your governors based on saved queries.

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When writing a new article or editing an existing article in your service area, you can choose to send the article as an email to all of your governors or to a subset of your governors, based on saved queries from the Admin site.

You'll see a dropdown menu at the bottom of each article with options for who to send the email to:

By default, you'll have the option to not send the article as an email, or to send it to all of your governors.

If you want to be more selective about who receives the article via email (e.g. just Chairs or just governors of Academies) you can run governor queries in the Admin site and save these queries to use when sending the email.

(For more help on database queries, see Running database queries and Saving database queries)

The article will still appear as an item on your news feed for everyone to see, but only those you specify will be notified by email.

And it will always be up-to-date - if you choose to send an article based on a saved query, the query is run in the background before the email is sent so it will pick up any new governors that match the filters.

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